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Private landowners can find online safety training programs from the Paintball Training Institute, or you can contact a certified professional for help, from the list on this page. Many commercial paintball fields offer Paintball games where you can take your own equipment, or rent theirs. Some fields offer special Low Impact Paintball games that use special equipment and rules, which greatly reduce the pain that can be associated with traditional paintball games.

If you visit a commercial operation, you may want to verify that they are insured, as most insurance companies require compliance with stringent safety protocol, including specific requirements for Low Impact games. If games are organized on residential property, it may be especially important to verify insurance, as Homeowner’s insurance may not cover paintball.

If you decide to host games on your own property you should understand the special safety requirements for the equipment, the field layout, and the special game rules before you organize any games. Here are some factors to consider…

  • Do you need to understand the safety requirements for small plastic spring-powered paintball guns that are sometimes sold in toy departments?
  • Do you want to set up a backyard Low Impact Paintball Action Target Range, or a small Safe Playing Field for your family and friends?
  • Do you need information about potential liability or insurance considerations for paintball?
  • Are you looking for qualified help to set up and run a safe LOW IMPACT PAINTBALL FIELD ON YOUR PROPERTY?
  • Do you already own a paintball field with .68 caliber markers, and want alternatives to attract new low impact customers?
  • Do you own a paintball playing field and need qualified airsmiths for part time work, to repair customers’ equipment or your field rental markers?

This contact list is free for personal use only. All information in this list is copyrighted and prohibited from use, distribution, or reproduction for any commercial purpose other than to directly contact an individual. Additional information, including ID photographs, may be available from PTI upon request. PTI graduates wanting to update their contact information or ID photograph should email PTI and attach updates.

PTI Certifications shown below represent the following areas of training:

C1… High Pressure Paintball Propellant Gas Theory and Fill Station Operation
C2… Basic Airsmith
C3… Paintball Safe Game Instructor (HOW to SET UP A SAFE PLAY SITE)
C4… Paintball Referee Classroom Certification
C4a… Paintball Tournament Referee (classroom plus on-field training)
C4r… Paintball Recreational Game Referee (classroom plus on-field training)
C5… Advanced Airsmith
C5a… Master Airsmith
C7… Total Paintball Field Operation Certification
PBM… Special Combination Paintball Marketing and C3 Certification Class

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Alternatively you may use Ctrl+F to search via browser.

Copyright 1999-2015 Paintball Training Institute, all rights reserved

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