We offer a special discounted tuition ($1200) for students who are enrolled in our Fast Track program Students arrive on a Saturday, and take all of the PTI classes offered starting on Sunday morning thru the following Friday morning. A Master Airsmith Exam and several special marker repair projects will be offered to qualified students who have completed the Advanced Airsmith class. They will have until Sunday 9AM to complete the program.

Paintball Training for Field Staff and Managers


Tuition cost $150, 6-7 hr class
This class teaches you how to administer FILL STATION OPERATOR TRAINING, as required by the US DOT within 90 days of hire, with re-training required every three years. It is also appropriate for Transport Canada fill station operator training, and may prove useful everywhere. Class students will learn high pressure paintball propellant gas storage vessel inspection requirements (how to inspect bottles). This is an important class for paintball field owners and managers.


Tuition cost $150, 6-7 hr class
Airsmith students can learn how to repair paintball guns.This class includes basic marker design theory and hands-on repair of selected stacked bolt and inline bolt blowback mechanical markers. Students will also learn how to remove and replace valves and regulators.

All tools and materials are furnished at no charge for students who are trained in the PTI Tennessee classroom. However, ONLINE STUDENTS will need to obtain their own markers and tools (not included in tuition). These additional materials may be shared by up to 4 students in remote online classrooms. Students must have at least one inline blow-back, such as a Tippmann 98, and one stacked blow-back marker, such as a Spyder. Students must email PTI for approval of the mechanical markers they want to work on.

Online classes simultaneous with classroom students.

Students thousands of miles away interact with PTI classroom staff and students in live airsmith classes.


Tuition cost $300, 1-day class
Students will work on at least six different Tippmann markers, and will be also be exposed to additional Tippmann markers to compare design and component differences.

Online students will need to also set up their streaming cameras in advance of the class ($50 one time set up charge for online students). Online students will need to have the required tools and markers in front of them during the class. Manuals and other materials will be posted for online students to download and print out prior to any online classes.


Tuition cost $100, 5 hr class

This class is often offered in conjunction with organized safety programs, special staff training, or New Field Training. It can be paired with our C4 Referee Training Certification, for a one day combined class. This class offers new field operators an opportunity to learn the industry standard procedures for conducting safe paintball games It also allows students to actually see (and shoot) different types of equipment they may want to buy for their field.

It is important that new field operators also train some of their staff to provide the routine functions of fill station operation and bottle inspection, as well as basic equipment repair capabilities (C2 certification).

The C3 class now includes the new paintball industry standard requirements for low impact paintball games, in addition to traditional paintball safety rules.

Convertible high-Low paintball Marker

New Design GoG HI-LO paintball gun can be easily converted for use in either high impact or low impact paintball games.

Low Impact Paintball has become recognized as the most important new class of business in nearly a decade. The C3 certification is the only comprehensive class that fully encompasses all of the paintball impact options. Over a decade of development and blind comparison tests have led to a greatly improved understanding of what causes paintball impact pain, and how to expand your universe with cost effective ways to market low impact, reduced impact, and traditional paintball games in your market.

You will learn specific requirements to referee low impact paintball activities, and how to separate the games and player staging areas for traditional games from the totally different areas where you conduct low impact alongside JT SplatMaster paintball games. Special protocol can also allow you to give 6-year-old youngsters a taste of REAL low impact paintball that is sure to stimulate business. Special game safety and marker handling requirements will be demonstrated… and these special procedures are very popular with apprehensive parents who check out your Facebook page because their children want a paintball birthday party.

On the high impact end, a new Sniper Paintball format will add a new element of long range accurate fire that allows stealth and surprise, with the emotions of real warfare.MCS-RAP4 Smorgasboard Marker-02Markers like this can be assembled by players at fields where special mag-fed games are offered. Invite customers to come in for a special class where you will teach them how to convert their own marker using a new MCS/RAP4 kit that they purchase from you. Their new marker can easily be converted back and forth for use in traditional hopper games as well as mag-fed and sniper games (with long range shaped projectiles).

You can learn how to structure your website, social media, and staff mentality such that the first question you hear when you answer the phone is: “could you check availability for a low impact paintball party on…(date/time)?”



This class teaches everything you need to know and do, as you plan to take advantage of the greatest new market segments in paintball.

You will see new equipment options and learn the ups and downs of different forms of paintball games. We were there in the beginning and were the first people to develop low impact commercial paintball formats. We explain four different forms of paintball, from low impact for players as young as 6 years old, to a new Sniper Paintball format, for experienced players who are up for impacts even higher than traditional paintball.
MCS-RAP4 Smorgasboard MarkerBob McGuire inspecting a special mag-fed First Strike ready marker that was made up from old marker parts coming from Tippmann 98 custom, US-5, and a BT-Assault… All assembled with a new MCS/RAP4 mag-fed conversion kit. PTI now includes “Mag-Fed for Field Rentals” as a new specialty class of business for small fields on a modest budget.

Low impact markers must be taken from players between games.

Low impact paintball guns can be handed out before every game and can be stored in special racks (stirrups) at the field entrance between games. It can be comforting to some parents when youngsters are not carrying paintball markers around the staging area.

Low Impact Paintball games are perfect for youth groups.

Youth ministers talk… and they are looking for special exciting activities in a safe, clean, and WHOLESOME environment.



Tuition cost $75, 3 hr class
The basic C4 referee certification covers staging area and game organization instruction for referees who judge and manage recreational games. The C4 class will teach how to referee traditional paintball activities, as well as special reduced impact games in accordance with the new LOW IMPACT PAINTBALL standard. Special game safety and marker handling requirements will be demonstrated.

A good referee can make parents and church youth ministers feel comfortable and want to come back. We show you how to utilize social networking, and provide real examples of how it can work for you. This class includes on-field as well as staging area and game organization instruction for staff and managers. You will see a real working low impact field with some special marker stirrups and staging equipment that you can easily assemble yourself.

Check goggle strap tension on younger players before every game.

Low Impact Player Goggles should be checked for proper fit every time a player goes afield.


Tuition cost $1200, 7-day class

If you have some experience tinkering or working on paintball markers, you might qualify for our intense seven day class for all of the PTI certifications… C1, C2, C3, C4, Tippmann, and the Advanced or Master Airsmith certification.

Master or Advanced…
After a few days of classes, students are offered some challenging repair projects that they can work on outside of normal class hours, in order to qualify for the Master Airsmith C5a certification. By the end of the week, some students will qualify for the Master Airsmith certification, and others may receive the C5 Advanced Airsmith certification, but everyone will receive a great education and hands on experience repairing many markers from the leading manufacturers.

We receive new markers every May, so what is introduced at the annual Extravaganza is what students see in June. Contact us for updates on the class markers.

Classes start on a Sunday and run thru the following Saturday. You can travel in on Saturday and travel home on the following Sunday, and only miss 5 days of work! $1200 all-inclusive tuition, plus $25 per day for available PTI on-site lodging. Enjoy the HDTV lounge and full kitchen during your stay. We offer a free airport shuttle and take you shopping for supplies periodically. Nobody needs a car, and you have 24/7 access to your classroom work station. You can also enjoy hang time with school instructors after hours.

Class enrollment is limited, and there are always at least two full-time instructors for these intense classes. Classes are offered 4 times a year, and no online registration is offered. Students should apply by email for additional information about dates and details.

PTI Kitchen is fully equipped.

PTI students enjoy using a full modern kitchen for savings and convenience. HDTV lounge and kitchen are also included in the $25 per day PTI lodging cost.

PTI Student HDTV Lounge

Marker Christmas TreePTI “Christmas Tree” …all of the newest markers sent in by our sponsors for PTI classes. This year we received DYE M2, Rize, and Rotor-2; GOG new convertable eNMEy .50/.68 cal; Luxe Ice; GI Sportz Vanquish and Axe Pro; Planet Eclipse G-Tek; and new econo MCS/RAP4 mag-fed conversions for several popular marker lines.

Searching for trained help at your paintball field?, or Do you need to verify someone’s Paintball Training Certifications? Click HERE

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